What is the MVLS portal?

The MVLS portal allows customers firstly to download software but then retrieve a lot of information on licensing of Microsoft products.

Beyond key activation software products include the numbers of negotiated contracts, purchase orders and invoices and of course the volume of licenses purchased.

The portal presents indifferently purchases referring to a volume contract and procurement to unit controls.

Who benefits from the MVLS portal?

This portal is available for companies with established contracts volumes. Ie, having defined a benchmark contract and benefiting from negotiated discounts.

Microsoft volume contracts: Contracts Open Value, Select Contracts, Contracts Enterprise Agreement.

Why MVLS portal is used when Microsoft audits?

The portal centralizes evidence of purchases and contracts signed with customers. It is powered by reseller licenses and the purchase of Microsoft service. Therefore, in case of audit, this information is used as a basic reference.

MVLS portal information is reliable?

Note, however, that often all purchases of evidence is not present. This source of information is not exhaustive. An inventory of invoices and Microsoft contracts must be conducted by the customer to find the maximum of its licenses.

MVLS portal information is confidential?

Normally, only the employees of the client company, enjoying access codes, can read the information on the MVLS.

In the end, it is recommended to these beneficiaries to check with every purchase from Microsoft, the information are included in the MVLS.

Mersy MVLS and what are the links?

The fleet management solution developed by Mersy operates as a data source the information portal MVLS.

We then supplement this information with other sources such as copies of contracts and invoices available in the customer’s archives, copying product boxes, copying of authenticities certificates available on pre-equipped computers OEM licenses .

Mersy accompanies you both in the performance of your inventory of deployed software but also in the identification of all your purchases of evidence. Mersy then proceeds to synthesize all that information to provide software compliance status and action plans to reduce your expenses.